Kaithlyn Ann Chua’s Parents

1.  Why choose globalart for your child/children?
We chose Global Art because Global Art provides a nurturing structure and the discipline to develop our child’s creative potential. The Global Art curriculum allows Kaithlyn to acquire disciplines in creativite thinking so it helps her excel in everything she does. It also provides Kaithlyn with early exposure to a wider perspective of what is out there (a global thinking perspective). Global Art is one of our partner in Kaithlyn’s character-building foundation. Characters such as endurance, patience, perseverance and time management are built in a fun and creative environment.
2. How long have your child/children been learning at globalarts?
Going on her third year

3. Is there any positive development in your child/children since learning at globalart?
Yes. She gains confidence, dicipline of hard work and time management. Finishing tasks given limited time and giving exemplary work.

4. Can your child/children create art independently? How and why?
Yes because art allows Kaithlyn to express her thoughts in an organized manner which is comprehensible.

5. Do you think learning art may help your child/children in the future? How and why?
Yes learning art helps our child in developing endurance, patience and time management.