Dominique Kiersten Lim’s Parents

Our daughter Dominique has always been shy and insecure of herself, and Global Art changed all that. From an unassuming girl, she became more confident of herself and her standing with others. We saw her grow up to become a mature girl who is responsible and obedient, all because of the disciplined instilled on her by her training in Global Art.

Furthermore, she has learned the true spirit of competition, to be humble in victory and learn from defeats by competing locally and internationally. At the same time, her training with the teachers and interaction with her peers have tremendously improved her social skills, and allowed her to be more comfortable with people. We believe that all these training will make her more prepared with the various experiences she will have in life.

The experience with Global Art made Dominique a better older sister, a great daughter, and a loving granddaughter. She makes friends easily now, goes in front during parties, and does not hide behind us.

Global Art prepared her for life, and taught her life skills beyond academics. What’s more, she performed much better in school, being able to integrate the same discipline and hunger to succeed that Global Art has instilled in her.

We will forever be grateful to Global Art for making Dominique the perfect daughter she is now, and what she will eventually achieve in life.